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Constantin Timm

Constantin Timm Photo of Constantin Timm -




Horst F. Wedde, Constantin Timm und Muddassar Farooq
BeeHiveGuard - A Step Towards Secure Nature Inspired Routing Algorithms
Proocedings of the EvoWorkshops 2006, Hrsg.: Rothlauf und others, Spr, Budapest, 2006-04


Constantin Timm
Design and Development of a security framework for "nature inspired routing algorithms"
Diplomarbeit, 2006-03


Julia Fischer, Martin Kowalski, Michael Langhans, Niko Range, Cornelia Schletter, Recai Tarak, Michael Tchatcheu und Constantin Timm
Final Report of Project-Group 460 - BeeAdHoc - an Efficient, Secure and Scalable Routing Framework for Mobile AdHoc Networks
Forschungsbericht, Universität Dortmund, Fachbereich Informatik, 2005-09