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Research at the Chair of Operating Systems and Computer Architecture.



In cooperation with the Chair of Power Systems and Power Economics at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology a distributed adaptive Realtime-Multiagentsystem is developed, that is capable to manage the power supply in a decentral manner.

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112407699_668249a263_mThe behaviour of ant colonies has already been successfully adapted for routing algorithms. But to the best of our knowledge, in 2004 nobody had tried to convey the well studied and highly efficent ressource-discovery and allocation pattern of honey bee colonies to the domain of information technologies.

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In safety-critical systems (such as nuclear power plants, automated robot control systems, automatic landing systems for aircraft, etc.) tasks not only have to meet deadlines, but most of these are critical in the sense that the system would not survive in case of a certain number of deadline failures of subsequent task instances.

MELODY is a distributed, adaptive Realtime-System for timecritical Applications. Local distributed tasks with varying priorities and deadlines contest for distributed files. The system allocates and reallocates copies of the files to the distributed nodes adaptively, regarding the overall surviveability of the system.

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