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Horst F. Wedde und Frank Thorsten Breuer
Cooperative Theme and Tool Competence for Learning (CoTTCoL) for Large Class Rooms Settings
Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference e-Society 2003, S. 89-94, IADIS Press, Lisbon, Portuagal, 2003-06-03


For a more intensive presentation and an active involvement of students, in particular in large classes, we present a novel approach termed Cooperative Theme and Tool Competence For Learning (CoTTCoL). One of the novelties of our multistep CSCL method is that it utilizes (and advertises) a congruence between objects and operational structures in the theme area and the learning process. To this end combined educational tool and subject area competence are needed. We explain our approach in the example of a new undergraduate class “Operating Systems and Networking”. We report on results, experiences, and project extensions in the works that reach into a large variety of topic areas for teaching.