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Olav Krause, Sebastian Lehnhoff, Christian Rehtanz, Edmund Handschin und Horst F. Wedde
On Feasibility Boundaries of Electrical Power Grids in Steady State
International Journal of Electric Power & Energy Systems – IJEPES, Volume 31, Issue 9, Pages 437-444, 2009-04-14


Both the coordination of international energy transfer and the integration of a rapidly growing number of decentralized energy resources (DER) throughout most countries cause novel problems for avoiding voltage band violations and line overloads. Traditional approaches are typically based on global off-line scheduling under globally available information and rely on iterative procedures that can guarantee neither convergence nor execution time. In this paper we focus on stability problems in power grids based on widely dispersed (renewable) energy sources. We introduce an extension to the DEZENT algorithm, a multi-agent based coordination system for DER, that allows for the feasibility verification in constant and predetermined time. We give a numerical example showing the legitimacy of our approach and mention ongoing and future work regarding its implementation and utilization.

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