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Sebastian Lehnhoff, Ulf Häger, Olav Krause, Horst F. Wedde und Christian Rehtanz
Towards Autonomous Distributed Coordination of Fast Power Flow Controllers in Transmission Networks
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Liberalization and Modernization of Power Systems: Coordinated Monitoring and Control towards Smart Grids, IEEE Press, Irkutsk, Russia, 2009-07-17


The liberalization of the power market, an overall increase in power demand and the integration of high capacity unpredictable renewable resources (e.g. wind power) pose a challenge to transmission network operators that have to guarantee a stable and efficient operating of the grid. A way to improve the stability and efficiency of the existing network – aside from expensive reconstruction – is the integration of fast power flow controllers in order to dynamically redirect power flows away from critically loaded resources that may be threatened by an overload. In this paper we outline our current work in progress on developing a multi-agent model that allows for an autonomous distributed coordination of fast power flow controllers without the need for global information.