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Bogdan Korel, Horst F. Wedde und Roger Ferguson
Automated Test Data Generation for Distributed Software
15th International Computer Software and Application Conference, S. 680-685, ieee, Tokyo, Japan, 1991-09-11


In this paper we present a novel approach of the automated test data generation for distributed programs. Our approach is based on actual execution of the program under test, a run-time scheduler, function minimization methods, and dynamic data flow analysis. Test data are developed for the program using actual values of the input variables. When the program is executed, the program execution flow is monitored. If during program execution an undesirable execution flow is observed then function minimization search algorithms are used to automatically locate the values of input variables for which the selected path is traversed. In addition, dynamic data flow analysis is used to determine those input variables responsible for the undesirable program behavior, this can lead to significant speed-up of the search process.