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Horst F. Wedde, Bodgan Korel, W. G. Brown und S. Chen
Transparent Distributed Object Management under Completely Decentralized Control
Proc. of the 9th International IEEE Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, S. 335-342, ieee, Newport Beach, 1989-06


An experimental distributed system based on an integrated system design was built that incorporates user-level or environmental application requirements into the design issues of the distributed operating system Dragon Slayer. The key for making use of the Dragon Slayer services, in supporting applications requesting a high amount of reliability under completely decentralized control, is the definition of the concept of distributed objects. These were used as the basis for a paradigm of distributed computing that allows users to neglect the distribution of services and responses. How distributed objects are managed in Dragon Slayer is outlined. The distributed objects are logical objects which may be partitioned. The parts or fractions may be distributed over several nodes. They may even exist in multiple copies or version. In order to prepare the ground for requirements regarding distributed object management, a taxonomy of object-oriented approaches and their methods of managing distributed object operations is given. A set of necessary conditions for the design of distributed operating system services that are to support such management methods under completely decentralized control is determined.