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Horst F. Wedde und Muddassar Farooq
A comprehensive review of nature inspired routing algorithms for fixed telecommunication networks
Journal of Systems Architecture 52 (2006), Pages 461-484, 2006


The major contribution of the paper is acomprehensive survey of existing state-of-the-art Natureinspiredrouting protocols for fixed telecommunication networks developed by researchers who are trained in novel and different design doctrines and practices. Natureinspiredrouting protocols have been becoming the focus of research because they achieve the complex task of routing through simple agents which traverse the network and collect the routing information in an asynchronous fashion. Each node in the network has a limited information about the state of the network, and it routes data packets to their destination based on this local information. The agent-based routingalgorithms provide adaptive and efficient utilization of network resources in response to changes in the network catering for load balancing and fault management. The paper describes the important features of stigmergic routingalgorithms, evolutionary routingalgorithms and artificial intelligence routingalgorithms for fixedtelecommunicationnetworks. We also provide a summary of the protocols developed by the networking community. We believe that the survey will be instrumental in bridging the gap among different communities involved in research of telecommunicationnetworks.