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H. F. Wedde, F. T. Breuer, W. Freund, E. Handschin, D. König und H. Neumann
Distributed Resource Scheduling in Embedded Real-Time Systems
49. Internationales Wissenschaftliches Kolloquium - Synergies between Information Processing and Automation, Ilmenau, Germany, 2004-09-27


Distributed embedded real-time systems typically operate in unpredictable environments (e. g. safety-critical conditions or electronic stock exchange). Requirements for reliability of file access are in conflict with those for real-time responsiveness. Due to unpredictable environmental needs there is no static trade-off between measures to accommodate the conflicting objectives. Thus all services, and even the integration of service functions, have to be adaptive. MELODY is a distributed operating system with the properties mentioned. It supports an adaptive and flexible transaction management. The major focus of this paper is the distributed resource allocation for which we present novel and very efficient algorithms (Priority Insertion and Delayed Insertion) that are in particular unparalleled in terms of guaranteeing system survivability. We present distributed simulation experiments that prove our claims, and we discuss applications in a decentralized energy production and marketing project (DEZENT).