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Horst F. Wedde, Sven C. Müller, Ulf Häger und Christian Rehtanz
Application of self-organizing systems in power systems control
PROFES 2012 conference, LNCS, Springer, Invited Special Session "Self-Organizing Systems", June 13-15, 2012, Madrid, Spain, 2012-06-13


The European electrical transmission network is operated increasingly close to its operational limits due to market integration and increased feed-in by renewable energies. For this reason, innovative solutions for a reliable, secure and efficient network operation are requested. The application of self-organizing systems promises significant potential in real-time control. This paper outlines the challenges of power system operation, gives a brief overview of relevant system characteristics and discusses the applicability of self-organizing systems for different fields of power system control. As a result of current research, the application of an agent-based decentralized power flow control system is presented and discussed in comparison to current practice based on central decision making.