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Olav Krause, Christian Rehtanz, Sebastian Lehnhoff, Horst F. Wedde und Edmund Handschin
Realzeit Netzüberwachung auf Basis hochdimensionaler Körper
Taungsband VDE-ETG Kongress, VDE, Karlsruhe, Deutschland, 2007-10-23


A secure and reliable operation of electrical power networks is the central obligation of every network operator, even in the situation of a growing number of Decentralized Energy Resources (DER) connected to the networks. DER are most frequently connected to non-observed or sparsely observed parts of the distribution networks. Up to now the only way to assure the secure and reliable operation of the network, in terms of voltage band violation and line overloads, is the dimensioning of the installed power from worst-case-scenarios. In this article the authors present an approach that allows for a determination of load and feed in combinations at the modeled nodes in short intervals and constant predetermined time in order to change the DER deed in. We report from the DFG-funded R&D project DEZENT.