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Josef Hüvelmeyer, Arne von Irmer, Carsten Ritterskamp, Thomas Wenk und Horst F. Wedde
A Vision for Distributed Modular Platforms
International Conference on Networked e-learning for Europe, Granada, Spain, 2003-11-23


Human capital can be defined as abilities, knowledge, and skills embodied in people, and acquired through education, training and experience. Recent empirical studies by the OECD and the European Commission have shown that investing in human capital is a successful strategy for individuals in terms of employment and earnings and for the countries concerned in terms of aggregate productivity. We are already witnessing an acceleration of the rate at which knowledge is becoming outdated. People can no longer be sure of using the same methods and the same tools during their entire life. "Life long learning" or "life long experience" are fashionable terms that already describe our present but all the more our future. [1] [2] [3]

In our vision we want to create a fundament for developing modular platforms. These should support learning from Elementary School, through vocational training or university education until Life Long Learning (LLL), spanning and offering services over the corresponding European Institutions. Thus this becomes a (necessary) basis for realizing the Bologna Process [1].

In the sequel we will briefly introduce the concept of distributed modular platforms, and we will present some experiences at our university as well as the collaborative model for developing such platforms.