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E. Handschin, O. Krause, H. F. Wedde und S. Lehnhoff
The Emerging Communication Architecture in Electrical Energy Supply and Its Implications
Proceedings CRIS Workshop 2006, Influence of the Distributed and Renewable Generation of Power System Security, Magdeburg, Germany, 2006-12-06


In the course of liberalisation of the electrical energy market, the pressure on the utilities to reduce their investment and maintenance costs is increasing. In order to lower these expenses and to be able to offer a more efficient supply with electrical energy, the utilities are increasingly using modern communication techniques. Control mechanisms that have been realized with a huge amount of hardware so far are more and more replaced by softwarebased solutions. Major points of concern in the near future are the standardisation of communication interfaces and protocols, as well as the implementation of autonomously acting entities performing vitally important actions like controlling protective systems.

In this paper three major aspects of the present development of communication standards in the field of electrical energy supply are discussed. The first part of the paper focuses the nature of the emerging communication that will integrate wide areas of a utilities communication needs. In the second part some advanced integration issues, related to the further extension of the communication standards to new processes and views are briefly discussed. The final part gives an outlook on certain question related to the implementation of real-time operating systems.