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Wolfgang A. Halang, K. H. Kim, Kinji Mori, Ulrich Schmid und Horst F. Wedde
Panel Discussion on Real-Time Systems
22nd International Computer Software and Application Conference, S. 338-341, ieee, Vienna, Austria, 1998-08-17


Real-time and embedded computing systems pervade all areas of our lives. The characteristics ofthe jield and its development so far are summarised. As de- mands for the functionality and dependability of com- plex real-time systems continue to grow, many chal- lenging problems encountered in their design and devel- opment need to be solved. Some of them are addressed in this panel, viz., synchronisation in distributed trans- action processing, integration of heterogeneous systems with diferent real-time properties, and application of dynamical principles to provide fault-tolerance in real- time computing.


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