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Patrick Crucq
Enhancing DEZENT’s Web Services Regarding Security and Simulation
bachelor thesis, 2012


DEZENT is an open, distributed, multi-agent negotiation network for fair, bottom- up power supply. This thesis examines different aspects of security related issues inside the DEZENT network to protect subscribers of the service from possible attack vectors (such as identity theft, payment fraud and man-in-the-middle attacks) and establish privacy protection towards practical suitability and enhancement to the system. Especially, this goal shall be achieved with operational deadlines in mind so that delays in the communication are minimized, ensuring a production quality service. While addressing security aspects, a new Java reference implementation based on former developments will be supplied with abilities to receive statistical information in debug scenarios like simulations. Additionally, as interoperability among heterogenous systems has to be further proven and comfortable simulation must be supplied that benefits from the addi- tional data collection, a toolbox - based on the .NET Framework - joins the DEZENT repository that will parameterize simulations with an easy-to-use model editor that features controlling of the simulation process and access to data reports.